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High viscosity pressure feeder

Product description
Planetary Mixer or strong disperser supporting equipment, the role of the mixer produced by the high-viscosity plastic material discharge or separate.
Main features and performance
1. The hydraulic cylinder can be arbitrarily adjusted within the pressure range of 0-20Mpa, the piston rod can stay at any position, and can work continuously under pressure and pressure; 
2. The pressure plate rubber ring contacts with the barrel wall inside the container (can be With vacuum deaeration device, so that the material does not return to the outside, the material in the container can be discharged without leaving; 
3. The lifting support is lifted from the hydraulic pressure to the top position, which is convenient for the operator to perform the work, with a simple structure, operation Convenience and other features.
Technical Data Sheet
Fitting cylinder
Hydraulic power
Pressing stroke
System pressure
Applicable viscosity
50 tons
200,000 CPS
75 tons
200,000 CPS

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